When it comes to buying cutlery and tableware sets for your home, one cannot but notice the limited options in terms of materials. Selecting tableware that is functional, stylish, and also non-toxic is not an easy task. However, the trending handmade items in the market have simplified things for all homemakers.
Home Decor Handicraft Items
Talking of handicraft items one cannot ignore the beautiful ceramic pottery that exemplifies the skilled craftsmanship of the artisans. There are many other materials that have in recent times replaced the heavy, toxic, and expensive décor charms in the house. These include - wood, bamboo, ceramics, etc. Introducing similar handmade dinnerware and kitchen accessories into your kitchen can be the best decision to make. Not only are these items in trend, but these also are environmentally-friendly and have no effects on your health. Let us see the top 5 reasons why you should quit plastics and switch to handmade tableware instead of continuing with hazardous cookware and tableware items. These are as follows:
  • Safe, Non-Toxic, and Sustainable: Being attracted to colorful and decorative dinnerware is not a new thing. These might be appealing to the eyes but these are equally hazardous and dangerous. Most of them consist toxic material like lead that when mixes with food adds to various health issues. Hence, opting for handmade cutlery is the ideal thing to do. Be it the wooden spatulas, bamboo bowls, or beautiful ceramic plates, these handmade products curtail bacteria formation and do not absorb food particles, making your dinnerware 100% safe and hygienic. Most of these are recyclable, compostable, and environmentally-friendly. 
  • Practical and Strong: Wooden and bamboo cutlery are super light and are versatile when it comes to functionality. Boasting a practical design these make for minimal design tableware options. Practical yet aesthetic, these can be used in microwaves, ovens, and refrigerators. 
  • No Heat Conduction: Wood, bamboo, and ceramics are good heat insulators and not conductors. Hence, these are not at all prone to thermal shocks which a further lead to erosion of particles. This also makes them safe for food consumption. These also do not lose their shape when it comes to having to hold hot or cold liquids for longer durations.
  • Easy on Maintenance: It does not require efforts to take care of these homemade cutlery and tableware sets. These are super light and easy to handle when you have a huge party at home. These items save you a lot of on washing, labor, and breakage.
  • Not Expensive: Handmade items are always a feasible alternate. You can explore a wide category of homemade tableware sets online that will never burn a hole in your pocket. 

Handmade Wooden Coaster

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