The new trends of experimenting with the traditional home décor items, especially decorative handicrafts are something that not just add a new look to your home, but also keep your guests amazed. In the recent years, handicraft units have taken a step towards the manufacturing and selling of these handmade accessories online.

These handmade pieces are a favorite amongst the nature lovers and art connoisseurs. Also, these products represent the culture and tradition of a region and have a historical significance attached to them. Let us look at a few of these handmade items that will give you a sense of history where the people have incorporated the patterns and designs, influenced or inspired by the histories to display their refined skills.

Wall Peacock Hook

Wall Décor- One single glance at a few of the best specimens of ancient time paintings and tapestries can undoubtedly impress the onlookers. Right from the ancient cave paintings to the art of painting on papyrus by the Egyptians, one cannot deny but appreciate these marvelous creations of the ancient humans. Hanging the best of Leonardo da Vinci paintings in your house or one of the finest hand woven tapestries of earlier times will speak volumes about your taste for the ancient art forms. The use of paints, canvas, thread, patterns, strokes, and style, etc., can tell you about an era and what cultural and traditional values it held during that time. For Instance, most of the 16th century paintings in India reflected the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Likewise, a painting by Vincent Van Gogh will reflect the age he lived in and the popular style of post-impressionist paintings.

Wooden Furniture- The skill of pottery and carving on woods tell a lot about the culture of a place. The aesthetics of the ceramic pots and wooden carvings reflect the hard work of the craftsmen who are exceptionally good at their skill. It was due to this skill of theirs that the Victorian era carpenters could come up with aesthetically beautiful pieces of wooden furniture. The Victorian furniture is known for its walnut, rosewood, and mahogany wood construction. These usually have intricate carvings, embossing, and lots of tassels. Additionally, the Victorian era upholstery depicted the new-found wealth of the upper class or as they were called- the aristocrats. If you have a taste for classic and vintage style furniture, then there is nothing better than the Victorian era wooden furniture. Simply placing a ‘chaise lounge’ from the Victorian era can make a distinctive statement to your interiors and is sure to add a touch of royalty too.

Tableware- We all know the potter’s wheel was invented in Mesopotamia, which revolutionized the production of pottery in the world. The ancient man began with clay moldings to shape the pots and other vessels. That’s how porcelain vessels and tableware came into existence. Most of these are ideal for kitchenware too, and are sure to entice the ones who have discovered its charm. Currently, you can find endless age-old stone pottery products - bowls, jars, coasters, mugs, etc., that will serve as a household requirement.

Marble Antiques- Marble is one such stone that has been used by almost all ancient civilizations for the construction of buildings and monuments. Marble is known to have a property of transforming simple forms of architecture into aesthetical bliss. It was used by ancient sculptors as it was soft and easy to carve. Displaying the marble handmade accessories like the marble coasters, candles, showpieces, vases, sculptures, jewelry chests, tables, benches, chairs etc. at your home gives a unique feel.

Decorative Handicrafts- There are plenty of handicraft items around. Right from décor items made from the bone carvings, carpentry, copper arts, quilting, knitting, glass etching, to beading jewelry and origami, all these forms of art have survived years of success for their distinct designs. Bring home paintings and sculptures and many other antiques that give a peep into the history and have successfully made a place for themselves in the market.

Decorative Knobs

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