December is the busiest month of the year. It offers a great earning opportunity to entrepreneurs, especially if you deal in handmade accessories like home décor, apparels, jewelry, baked foods, etc. The Christmas season is crucial for such businesses. It can either give you unexpected profits or can incur losses. So, it is crucial to plan wisely and complete tasks accordingly. Here are some tips to plan your handicraft business activities this season.

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  1. Analyze the Best-Selling Products

There is a long list of handmade products that you can sell. But, sometimes things do not work that great. So, it is important to analyze the best-selling products of previous years. You should know which products were in demand last year. For this you can refer various apps which show the business statistics of different businesses. This can help you decide the products to be sold and plan other things accordingly.

  1. Design or Purchase the Products

Purchasing or crafting the items is one of the crucial decisions in handicraft business. You should take every possibility into consideration like the fluctuating prices or unavailability of raw materials, etc. If you’re thinking to buy them, it is advisable to deal with manufacturers which have a return policy. So, that in case your products left out, you can return them and save your money. The online platforms are the best like Amazon, Artisanal Creations, Etsy, etc.

  1. Where to sell

Think about the place where you are going to sell your products. Get to know about the events in your area. You can set up your shop nearby any college or coaching institutions as students love handicraft gifts. A little researching about the venue will help you find your audience and earn profits.

  1. Payment Mode

These days, everyone prefers online modes of payment. The debit or credit cards, online wallets, internet banking are some of the digital modes of payment that people use the most. If you don’t own a card machine, don’t have an online wallet or internet banking, you are missing out on your potential customers. Make sure you own them.

  1. Offers

Promotions or special offers attract lots of customers. Offers like “Buy 3 get 4” or “Free shipping on orders above a certain amount of order” can earn you profits. You can do this in both online and offline shops.

These are some of the tips that might help you make profits this season.


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