Be it constructing a new home or just redesigning your existing one, cabinets or drawers make a vital part of your interiors. Apart from storage options, the way your design your cabinets and drawers can make or break your décor statement. A well-designed house is not just about the floor and the walls, but also about the aesthetics of the house and the efficiency each aspect of the interior brings.

While designing cabinets and drawers, you must also keep in mind the knob or pulls you use to finish the look. Recently, there has been a significant rise in the number of designs when it comes to knobs and pulls for homes. These options are not just based on a kaleidoscope of colors but also come with intricate carvings and designs.

Here’s why you should focus on knobs and pulls along with accessorizing other aspects of your homes.

Everyday Appeal

You are going to be using your kitchen cabinets and your bedroom drawers on a daily basis. When that is the case, using a knob or pull that has been picked keeping in mind the overall décor of the house works best. It could be something as simple as a pastel coloured knob or a steel pull. But with the right décor elements in place, you are bringing beauty and functionality together.

Functional and Beautiful

Highlighting the functionality of pulls and knobs, it is best to go for one that serves as a design statement as well as its purpose of assisting the use of a cabinet or a drawer. In other words, when you are going to pick a knob or pull for your cabinets, you might as well choose one that adds extra visual appeal to your interior space.

Pink Floral Knobs - Artisanal Creations

Not sure if you have to go with knobs or pulls? Let us help you there.

Do I need a Knob or a Pull?

The answer depends on which kind of look you want to go for in your kitchen, bedroom or the whole house. If you are looking to bring some country theme and vintage feel to your interiors, then a knob is the best way to achieve that goal. If you want to go for modern, trendy or contemporary then a pull is your best option.

Alternatively, you can switch between drawer pulls and cabinet knobs in different parts of the household. However, the choice majorly depends on how comfortable you are with each option. Try the knobs and pulls at different hardware shops to truly understand the pros and cons of them. Are you more comfortable pulling a knob with some of your fingers or using all of them for cabinet pulls?

A knob is much smaller in size, meaning you don’t need to use all your fingers to open a drawer or a cabinet. However a pull lets you grip tightly and open the cabinet or a drawer. And considering that you will be using them several times a day, you need to get hands on experience before you figure out which one suits you best.

Additionally, if you are comfortable with either a drawer pull or a cabinet knob you can use them in abundance and in scarcity throughout your household. This helps maintain different décor statements through your home.  Cabinet hardware can truly determine the success of the utility space’s overall look.

Be it a knob or a pull, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before going for your pick.

Colors & Patterns

If you have a relatively woody finish or a brown finish to your cabinets and drawers then a dark color or a silver metallic color for your pulls is a good idea. If you are comfortable with a knob for this specific finish, then you can go for dark colored knobs as well as colored glass knobs to add some glam to the area.

However, if your drawers and cabinets already have designs on them, then it is best to stick to a plain knob or a pull without any additional design of its own.


Is the knob too rough? Is the pull you chose very sharp around the edges? All of these are factors you need to keep in mind before making your purchase. If you are going to be opening your drawers or cabinets in a hurry, you need to have a knob or a pull that won’t accidentally hurt you in the process. Moreover with sharp edges and textures on the cabinet hardware the risk of you ripping your clothes accidentally is higher.

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If the texture is off, then no matter how good a design is, you need to find a better design with a good texture.


Knobs come in several shapes these days and there are many uneven cut knobs that are solely manufactured to accessorize rustic décor. When you are choosing your knob, make sure you picture the shape on your cabinet. You are not going to be able to do that if the knob is sitting at a hardware store, but rather when it already attached to a showcase piece.

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When it comes to your pull shapes, there is the classic curve and the rectangular one. If you want to give more importance to design then the classic curved pull is your pick. If you are looking at functionality with respect to how easily you can grab your pull, then the rectangular pull is your pick. Apart from these, there are several pulls that come in intricate carvings and twisted designs. They are very appealing to the eye and definitely contribute to the aesthetic beauty of the interiors but you need to check the functionality twice before determining it as your choice.

Where can I use pulls and knobs?

You can use pulls or knobs in your kitchen, your living room, foyer, bedroom or basically any place that consists of a storage unit. However, knobs have an old fashioned touch to them while pulls are more modern. If you are someone who values functional aspects more then go for pulls throughout the house. You can choose knobs for the storage units that you use rarely.

Knobs come in many designs, colors and patterns making them ideal cabinet hardware for colorful interiors and design themes that are out the box. A bohemian look in the household can be achieved easily with a colorful knob or an asymmetrical knob. If you are looking for something more formal, in any part of the house, then a pull works best. If you can find pulls or knobs that go with the design theme in your mind, then you can use them in any part of the house.

Make sure you buy a few extra pieces for the knobs in case you wear out the design or damage the knob in your daily use. Having a few extra pieces will help you avoid that ugly empty space a broken knob leaves.