Handmade pottery has become widely popular because of the decorative flair they offer along with the functionality. Although, it is better if you buy handmade products from your local artisan, some of the online businesses also offer you the desired quality. Moreover, you get to choose from a wide range of products when you shop online.

There are certain points that you should keep in mind while looking for online handmade pottery:

  1. Types of Pottery:

Pottery products are divided into three main categories:

  • Earthenware – Glazed or unglazed pottery that has been fired at temperatures below 1,200°C is termed as earthenware. Unglazed earthenware is porous and are not as strong as the other pottery types.
  • Stoneware – Pottery fired at a relatively high temperature (1,100°C – 1,300°C) are termed as stoneware. With a higher sand content, stoneware has a grittier texture when compared to porcelain and offer an earthy feel similar to earthenware pottery. The Longpi Black pottery is a fine example of stoneware.
  • Porcelain – It is a ceramic material made by heating clay like kaolin at a temperature in the range of 1,200°C – 1,400°C. Porcelain is usually white and has a smooth surface. Porcelain products are non-porous, and non-stick, making them ideal for use in kitchen.


  1. Each Piece is Unique:

As the name suggests, handmade pottery is made from hand. Even if you are looking at a set of handmade pottery cups or mugs, none of the pieces will exactly be the same. Reason behind it is that each piece is made and designed separately and sometimes by different artisans. So, don’t get disappointed if there is some subtle difference in the set of pottery cups you have ordered online, appreciate their beauty instead.


  1. Function First:

While you are smitten by the beauty of the pottery pitcher you have found online, do not forget the function you are buying it for. A heavy pottery product might be a bit more durable than the lighter versions, but is not convenient for use. Pick pottery cups with thin rim around the top and the inner wall blending into the outer edge.


  1. Handmade isn’t Cheap:

Handmade products are a bit expensive as skilled artisans put their time and effort in creating each piece. They use the skills acquired by them over the years to bring before you the perfect pottery. From firing the clay to glazing the pottery and painting them, everything is manually done.

Artisanal Creations offer black pottery kitchen products handcrafted by the artisans in Manipur, India. In an attempt to preserve traditional craftsmanship, the pottery products have a subtle contemporary touch. You can take your pick from the available options and place your order.