A handicraft is an artistic piece which reflects the creativity of the skilled artisans. Different products like wood, fabric, etc., and special tools are utilized to design these beautiful pieces of home decorative items, jewelry, furniture, and more. The three key factors on which handicrafts depend upon are - innovation, creativity, and skill.

Floral Decorative Knobs

Importance of Handicrafts in the Ancient Times

Since the ancient times, handicraft has been considered as an intense and reputable job which is performed by only those people who have crafting skills. Due to this reason, it is famous as a traditional technique of designing items for different purposes. Handicrafts boast a traditional look which makes a great gifting option.

Rising Demand for Handicrafts

These days, an increase in demand of handicrafts is noticed in both domestic as well as international markets. People love buying embroidered apparels, sculptured statues, wood arts and ethnic lamps. Different states of India have different cultures and handicraft style. Due to the difference in their design and style, each product looks unique and unmatched. A wide variety of handicraft items reflects the talent and expertise of experienced artisans.

In domestic country, trade fairs offer a wonderful opportunity to explore a variety of traditional handicrafts like handmade home décor, tableware, artwork, wall paintings are some of the handicrafts which give your home a traditional touch. If you want to wear something which is designed from hands and not from machines, you can buy handicraft jewelry, or handwoven clothes.

Due to high demand of handicrafts, manufacturers have started offering these products online. Their availability on online portals makes it easier for both domestic and foreign buyers to own them.  The offline handicraft business also makes good profits, but due to the involvement of middlemen, artisans do not earn enough.

Hand Cast Iron with Nickel Finish

Artisanal Creations:  A platform for Artisans to Sell Their Craftwork

Artisanal Creations works directly with artisans in South East Asia and India, no middlemen are involved. This creates a good earning opportunity for the artisans and help them to enjoy a standard life with all the basic amenities. It has the latest collections of handmade items to choose from. You’ll find each and every product distinctive and beautiful.