Handicrafts are unique products which represent tradition of India and creativity of the craftsmen. These items can be decorative or functional to meet your interior décor or other requirement. The talented and experienced artisans use different tools to design the handloom and handicraft products.

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Handicraft and handloom industry is one of the productive sectors of the rural regions of India. But, today people are more inclined towards the western culture due to which handloom and handicraft industry are shutting down.

Due to the dwindling demand of handicrafts, craftsmen are losing their interest in handicraft items and moving to other sectors of production. Many of them leave their hometown and move to cities to find work in small industries as laborers. The majority of people prefer to shop online. Whether it is grocery or furniture, they find online shopping more convenient and profitable. So, this is the right time to help the poor craftsmen of India by promoting their craft work over the internet. We should try to provide an exposure to the creativity of those artisans on different online platforms, so that buyers from the USA, Britain, and other foreign countries can also make a handicraft purchase.

Online platforms like Artisanal Creations and Odisha Saree Store are working towards the economic empowerment of artisans. Artisanal Creations deals directly with the craftsmen of South East Asia and India. This portal showcases the handmade home décor items. Odisha Saree Store helps the weavers of rural Odisha to offer their handmade silk sarees, cotton sarees, patachitra, dhokras world widely. Craftsvilla is also making hard efforts to promote the hard work of the artisans.

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Decorating home with handicrafts will reflect our tradition and help the poor artists and handicraft online shopping will help weavers to earn a decent standard of living. Amazon is also trying to promote the handloom and handicraft items by associating with an e-store, Weavesmart. With over 3000 weavers and 20,000 handicraft products, this collaboration will have a positive impact on the living standard of the weavers.