An intricate artwork and fascinating color combination of Indian handicrafts make them exquisite and unmatched. The craft work of India’s skilled craftsmen is making statement in both the domestic and international markets. The handmade products are designed using metal, stones, wood, fabric, etc. Earlier, handicrafts were only available in specific countries in which they were made but these days, they are available online too. The online availability of handmade home décor products and handmade apparel makes it easier for foreign buyers to purchase them.

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Famous States of India for Handicrafts Items

Whether you want to give your home a traditional touch or want to put on traditional apparel and jewelry, following states of India has a wide variety of handloom and handicraft items.

  1. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is famous for its brass handicrafts. Here many families are indulged in brass and glass work from generations. You can purchase brass statues of Lord Krishna, Ganesh, and other spiritual statues. Home decorative items like brass table lamp, flower vase, glasses, plates, etc. are also made.

  1. Rajasthan

Rajasthan has acquired a prominent place in the handicraft industry. It is known for its traditional jewelry, puppets, wooden home décor items, antique furniture, etc. Rock artwork is another specialty of Rajasthan’s handicrafts.

  1. Kashmir

Find Pashmina, embroidered shawls and hand woven carpets in Kashmir. People love to buy leather and fur garments that are made here. Wooden and silver products are another famous item of Kashmir handicrafts. Mainly walnut and oak hardwood are used to craft wooden handicrafts.

  1. Karnataka

Karnataka has earned a reputation in handloom and handicraft industry for its silk, rosewood, and sandalwood art work. Sarees and shawls are handmade using Mysore silk. The vegetable colors are used to color paintings and give them a unique appeal.

  1. Madhya Pradesh

Handbags, paintings, jewelry organizers, wall-hangings, etc. made of jute and bamboo attract people the most. The creativity of state’s artisans is fantastic, and each decorative article is distinct.

  1. Gujarat

Gujarat’s Zari work is famous all over the world. Traditional mirrors, wooden animal figurines like horses, elephants, etc., accessories are included in an exclusive handicrafts collection of Gujarat.

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You can plan your visit to these states and get some of the best handicrafts or can check out various online platforms. Websites like Artisanal Creations, Etsy, Amazon, Gujarat Handicrafts, etc. offer exquisite handicrafts for you and your home at the reasonable prices.