Revamping your house does not necessarily mean too much of expenditure. If you are well aware of the minute details that can bring a refreshing change into the interiors then splurging money on new tiles, paint, etc., is useless. People often assume that bigger settings, expensive artifacts, and antiques can enhance the beauty of an interior. However, this is not the case all the time. The smallest of home décor accessories can successfully transform the interiors. Be it the knobs on the cabinets in the living room or the pull handles on the drawers, neglecting the smallest details while planning décor for a home can result in big mistakes. The small pellet-like hinges, knobs, and pulls handcrafted by craftsmen can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them in the kitchen cabinets, on the doors and wooden chests. Check out the variety of handmade knobs that are available in abundance in the market and can uplift the interiors drastically.

Hand Painted Decorative Knob

Glass and Crystal Knobs: Revolutionize the furnishing of the house by adding a little dazzle to it. The crystal and handcrafted glass knobs increase the charm of your rooms having bookshelves, chests, and cabinets. Exuding a periodic feel, these are available in exciting colors, like the shades of blue and green which are trending these days. There are a number of funky modern accents too, that will change your home interiors to a modern setting.

Ceramic Knobs: Ceramic handicraft items have their own charm. Right from the vases to the tableware, ceramic items bring a classic feel to the interiors. The beautiful knobs, handles, knockers, and scrolls are known for their chunky finish and texture. These are available in adorable floral designs and complement all kinds of decor settings.

Metal Knobs: Metal is one element that suits everyone’s taste. From the antique iron cabinet pulls to intricately etched brass handles, experimenting with metal knobs can be exciting. The fusion of wood and metal knobs can take the beauty of the interiors to the next level.

Multicolor Handmade Knobs: Colorful and rich-hued furniture are in vogue. Colors infuse life to the dullest of the things and multicolored handcrafted knobs and handles are sure to add a pop of colors to the interiors. Electric blues, candy pinks, subtle gold, forest greens, etc. are some lovely hues that can bring life to repetitive wooden cabinets and drawers.

Wood Knobs: Wooden knobs add a natural touch to the interiors. These easily complement the look of your bedroom wardrobes, kitchen cupboards, and cabinet furniture. Most of these resemble the designs of Victorian or even Edwardian era. To add a modern feel, the wooden knobs and handles can be blended with modern steel and metals.

Bigger Handles and Knobs for Doors: The first thing a guest might notice before entering your house is the door. A door can either make or simply break the first impression. Hence, it is essential to pay attention to the details of the doors. Be it the hinges, the handmade handles, knobs, or the polishing, a decorated door is a must before inviting your guests. Home décor is never complete if the doors are not properly dealt with.

Decorative Bubble Knob

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