We all have heard about the ongoing trend of decorating the interiors and exteriors of homes with handmade accessories. Apart from various décor items like a tapestry, wooden carved furniture, printed fabrics, pottery, etc., the handicraft industry also includes the use of marbles. Marbles can be used in various ways as a part of home décor and cover the entire gamut of artifacts. Let us see the varieties that can be explored when it comes to purchasing marble handicrafts online in the USA.

                                Marble Stone                                  

  • Marble Stone-Craft- We all have seen the white marble marvel - The Taj Mahal. We know what charm this stone possesses. The intricate carvings on marble can result in the exquisite pieces of art. The marble stone-craft exemplifies skilled craftsmanship. You can introduce antique marble handicrafts items to the empty spaces and fill your house with a touch of serenity and purity. For instance, the handmade craft stone marble plate with Parchin Kari work is world famous and will enhance the interiors of your house.
  • Marble Tableware-The white marble was extensively used by the royalties as part of their tableware. Right from beautiful marble bowls, plates, candle holders, to coasters, bowls and vases, marble never disappoints. These are easily available online for purchase.
  • Marble Wall Hangings- Talking about marble antiques, how can we leave behind world-famous marble clocks and wall paintings. The wall paintings specifically are crafted with precision and detail and add a historical touch to the empty wall spaces. 
  • Marble Tables, Chairs, & Benches-You will be in awe of the solid and classy marble tables and desks which shall remind you of the times when people believed in the sheer art of handmade products and did not rely on any machines and tools. The marble tables and chairs are ideal to be placed on your open gardens and lawns to add a vintage touch. These are available, in customized designs and patterns online and are highly endurable. 
  • Other Marble Stone Decor Items- We all know the lavish lifestyles of the kings and queens of the past. The land of India has a vast history of its account which involved the use of marble stone for making monuments, antiques, and decor items. Right from jewelry chests, souvenirs, holders, lamps, etc. marble has been the evolving trend and has been vastly used for gifting purpose. Apart from the Taj Mahal, which is one of the wonders of the world, the Agra Fort, Sikandra and Fateh Pur Sikri exemplify the significance of Marble Stone. Greece too was known to use marble for sculpting antiques and statues apart from fortresses and buildings.

Marble Coaster

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