We are a California based artisanal products company that believes in creating beautiful, aesthetically pleasing decorative artifacts in a sustainable manner whilst supporting artisans from marginalized communities. We’re talking expert craftsmanship. Distinctive finishes. No mass production.

We ship from our favorite artisans directly to our warehouses in the US. That’s good for you. It’s also good for the environment. Which is also good for you.

Each product is handcrafted by artisans that specialize in a particular craft. Their craftsmanship skills have been handed down through many generations. By creating an international sales channel for these high quality, handmade decorative artifacts, we are empowering marginalized artisans to alleviate poverty, promote social equality and combat environmental degradation.

Most products are made from recycled materials including ceramics, glass, wood and iron. We follow high ethical and social practices that comply with the most stringent international standards.