Our Story

Our journey began back in 1992 with the purpose of creating socially conscious line of home decor and home accessories. Over the years we have created sustainable relationships with artisans and provide an opportunity for economic empowerment. By working directly with artisans in India and South East Asia, we are able to integrate traditional techniques of the regions with modern design

The Artisanal Creations brand was launched in 2015  with the aim to deliver our one-of-a-kind products straight from artisans workshops into the homes of our customers.

We are proud and humbled to collaborate with these skilled artisans and share their handcrafted traditions with you. The products feature expert craftsmanship, distinctive finishes and a high attention to detail.

We do not believe in mass production, and due to the handcrafted nature of our products, each piece is distinctive, unique and brings with it, its own story.

Each product resonates with the soul of the artisan

It’s said that craft is made with thought, skill and heart – Artisanal Creations is all about this pleasing combination for adding a little more emotion to your interior design. We hope that you see a part of yourself in each one of our products, and we are committed to helping you find items that reflect your essence. Our pieces — artistic expressions of our creative craftsmen — can be treasured and valued for a lifetime.

Sundar joined the Artisanal Creations’ family in 2015. Today, the family would be incomplete without him. Always a master at his work, he honed his talents working with us and currently executes large export orders for sand cast products. After spending 8 years working as a construction worker he now enjoys working in his home village with his wife and 3 children.

Vidya worked as a domestic help in New Delhi. We spotted her talent when we saw her sell her terracotta wares on the roadside. Now her infectious laughter fills our ceramic studio, where she unleashed her creative flair and pioneered the use of gold highlights in our ceramic products. She recently married the love of her life and plans to eventually start a business of her own with her husband.

Competition from big tanneries and the disappearance of many trees whose bark or fruits were used in tanning led to the diminishing presence of the rural leather industry. As a result, Ashok’s talents were suffering. Now Ashok is able to focus on his true passion again: developing leather products with Artisanal Creations. His best tools are his hands. No two pieces of his will ever look alike, and his legacy leather will tell your personal story.

Ravi is an expert ceramic craftsman with over 25 years’ experience. Each piece he creates reflects his immense hard work and creativity, and his products are infused with his innovative thought process at each stage of production. He uses different materials, creating harmony between material and product. He plan's to retire soon and spend time teaching his grandson how to play cricket.

Our mission is to empower artisans and preserve traditional craftsmanship by creating handcrafted products for a global market.